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One of the tings getting me thru this insanity is a reading I had with an intuitive I know and have met in person....Leah Day she told me back in late March that my older dog would pass soon and that something will happen to my car and that she kept seeing the color orange.  Well shortly thereafter my car died, had to be towed away by a guy in a bright orange T shirt.  A week later I'm watching an old episode of dragnet at 4am where the set director used an incredible amount of orange in it, drapes, pillows, dudes shirt, dead lady's dress all orange & as I'm remembering what Leah said about orange my old dog cam over and collapsed dying a few days later of heart failure.  So knowing Leah was right in her predictions makes me feel more confident about the future as she says this crazy shit will end because God will not allow his creation to be destroyed.  If I could call her every day I would because she made me feel more brave and at ease. 
Thank you Leah Day!!

Roxanne W.



Mariam N

I had never painted or taken art lessons before I met Leah.  Her encouragement and kind words gave me confidence to paint on canvas.  Over time I began to see that everything is made up of different nuances of color.  When I go for a walk I now see the many shades of green in the trees and the varied textures of clouds.  Leah always says "How Great is life!".  I now realize how truly great it is!

Jennifer R



Leah helped me to see the world in a whole new way.  I began to see colors, textures and shapes that were hidden from plain sight.  And also, we painted.

Ben R


Reviews of Amazing Day Studio

Leah is a remarkably talented artist and staple in the community.  Over the years, I have had the pleasure to take art lessons (many art forms), attended and hosted several paint parties (so fun!), received reiki (a perfect reset), and had intuitive readings (life changing) with Leah.  She is a treasure, and I am grateful to call her a dear friend, fellow earth angel and soul sista.  Don’t wait, sign up for a class, session or reading today!   It’s time to do something for you!! -


Monica T


Miss Leah is the best art teacher.  I come up with crazy ideas and she helps me to create them. I love painting with Miss Leah. I have learned so much - Matthew Chandler

Matthew c


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